Sunday, November 29, 2015

Edna Mode from the "Incredibles" Google Image

Coming to you with love from Singapore: Jennifer Lewis:

"Work from home with your assignments. The money earned will supplement your income at first. 

You may choose this and it will become your main source of income and you will not need any other".  


Auditions:     December 16  thru January 2016

Single moms or dads!  Husbands and wives love this too! Divorced?  Also, great for you. 

If you have children, their friends will be excited and wish their parents could spend more time with them because this career path allows you that privilege.

Whatever work from home job you have ever had before, will pale in comparison.  This will pay you more and you will gain more leisure time because of loving what you do.

As "Edna Mode" says, of Pixar's "Incredibles", "Don't look back! It distracts from the now." 

Yes, and we say, Keep looking

 forward, yes to something new and better!  


Edna Mode Google Image

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